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Software releases and updates

Stable Integrator 3 v3.0.18

Released on:
Thursday, 21 November 2013 19:00
1823 times

The Integrator 3 package includes the following:

  • Integrator 3 application - standalone product
  • Connections for:
    • Joomla! 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.x
    • Wordpress 3.2+
    • Kayako Fusion 4.0+
    • WHMCS 4.5.2+

All bugs should be reported to our Bug Tracking application. Be sure to be detailed, including how to replicate the bug and what you expect the product to do (sometimes it isn't a bug!)


  • Fusion 4.61 File Changes file added
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-13: Joomla 3 does not return the versions of software properly
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-14: WHMCS Addon Module reports settings are incorrect
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-15: Correct for viewinvoice and viewquote in WHMCS
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-15: Correct for viewinvoice and viewquote in WHMCS
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-17: Need ability to move cache folder to outside of public space
  • RESOLVED - issue JWHMCS-30: Correct for viewinvoice and viewquote
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-18: Using Chinese translation denies user from being able to log into I3 backend
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-19: Translations not being done completely on user/info page
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-21: Chinese characters in the username to not permit log ins
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-16: Invalid Token arrived at when logging into I3 from Joomla login form
  • Cleanup strict error messages with PHP 5.4
  • Minor change to Fusion install
  • [Joomla] Cleanup code for PHP 5.4 Strict Messages
  • Notice errors cleaned up in Joomla API
  • Cleared strict messages on login from another connection
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