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Software releases and updates

Stable Integrator 3 v3.1.05

Released on:
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 20:00
2232 times

The Integrator 3 package includes the following:

  • Integrator 3 application - standalone product
  • Connections for:
    • Joomla! 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.x
    • Wordpress 3.2+
    • Kayako Fusion 4.0+
    • WHMCS 4.5.2+

All bugs should be reported to our Bug Tracking application. Be sure to be detailed, including how to replicate the bug and what you expect the product to do (sometimes it isn't a bug!)


  • [WHMCS] template six css not correcting for non-responsive selection in settings
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-45: Return to Admin results in I3 trying to logout across applications
  • [JOOMLA] - When retrieving menu items from Joomla database Greek characters are not being retrieved UTF-8
  • [WHMCS] CSS adjustments for `six` template
  • [WHMCS] Adjustment to header.tpl file compatiblity with v6.0.1
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-44: Upon upgrade new language files not found in other languages causes 500 error message
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-43: Automatic Updates from within I3 Application
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-46: Pages aren't mapping from WHMCS to destination
  • [WHMCS] minor css adjustments for bootwhmcs template
  • [JOOMLA] Joomla fails with WSOD on admin area
  • RESOLVED - issue INT-47: Upon Checkout error message received: integrator.The signatures are not matching one another. Please try again.
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