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version 2.0
last updated 2012 February 1

Customer Support Summary

Go Higher Information Services, LLC (Go Higher) provides product support and development exclusively for customers of Go Higher who have purchased software or services from us or who are current with subsequent Support and Upgrade Plans.  We are also committed to providing the best support possible to make the most use of our software and your experience on our website.

Go Higher will continue to make improvements and enhancements to our software and our website to ensure that the level of support our customers have come to expect is continually exceeded.

Support Channels

Go Higher provides many channels of support for our customers.  On every page you will find easy access to the following channels:

  • Client Portal: The client portal is where you can manage your invoices, see your products and/or purchase additional products.
  • Support Center:  For all support requiring interaction with Go Higher, the support center is the place to turn.  A breakout of what support options are available in the support center is further down.
  • Documentation: Our documentation is the place to go for how-tos and step by step instructions on installations, upgrades, configurations and more.
  • Downloads:  For the latest releases of our software, go here.

To ensure you have access to each of the above channels, you must be logged in.  Complete documentation and downloads are only available to those users who have logged in and purchased the appropriate product.  Likewise, support options in our support center are limited if you are not logged in.

Support Center Options

Available in the Support Center, you will find the following support channels:

  • Knowledgebase: We have an extensive database of helpful information that we have collected.  We continue to update this knowledgebase. Please search our KB before opening a support ticket.
  • Product Support Forums: On our site we have forums available to you, both public and private and this should be the first channel of support and communication. All product support forums are not publicly visible and for current subscribers only.
  • Support Ticket: If you need direct technical support on an issue that you cannot resolve through another channel, you will want to submit a support ticket.
  • Bug Reporting: All bugs found by clients should be submitted via our Issue Tracking and Submission system.  Bug submissions should be as detailed as possible, providing the means to replicate, what the expected results should be and what the actual results are.  Bug reporting is not provided as a means for individual support and attempts to use as such will not be permitted.

Support Hours

General support hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST (GMT-5). We strive to respond to support tickets within 24 hours, however during peak times there may be delays; we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Product Support Forums

We provide our clients who are current with their Support and Upgrade Plan a means for support through our Product Support Forum.  When using our forums, we ask you to keep these points in mind:

  1. Product specific support forums are available to active license subscribers of our product support services. These forums are not viewable by the general public.
  2. When opening a thread on our forum, be specific and descriptive in the subject.
  3. One subject per thread.
  4. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR LOG IN CREDENTIALS FROM THE FORUM!  We may need to directly assess the issue requiring support, in this case we will ask you to open a support ticket.  Please include a link back to the discussion thread in the body of the support ticket.  Discussion will then commence in the related thread on the forum.

Requirements for Support

Clients requesting support from Go Higher:

  • Must have an active Support and Upgrade Plan for the product needing support.
  • We request one support request be addressed per ticket.  Please do not reopen a support ticket for a new support request.  Abusing this policy will result in reopened tickets being subsequently closed and remain unanswered.
  • For all support issues requiring administrative access to your system, the ticket must include log in credentials.  We recommend for security reasons that tickets containing senstive information, should always be submitted through our secure site.  Failure to provide log in credentials will limit the level of support that can be provided.

Support Limitations

Many of our products and solutions work out of the box without much modification.  There are instances however when modifications must be made to your system in order for our software to work with your configuration.  We cannot and do not test our products for example against all of the over 8,000 Joomla extensions that are currently available.  There may be extensions or modifications that require a custom solution, and we do our best to provide for you a solution that will work in your situation, but we understand that it may not be perfect or ideal.

Support is provided for our products only; any modifications to themes, other extensions or core framework changes are NOT supported.

Support is provided for current clients only.  Clients who have not renewed their Support and Upgrade Plan will not receive support for the product on the expired plan.