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New download available: J!WHMCS Integrator version 2.6.00 released!

by GoHigherIS.com

WHMCS 6.0 Beta

We are looking at the changes WHMCS has made to their product in the 6.0 beta.  At this time we don't have an eta on support for the new product or it's new templates, but we will be sure to update you as we proceed.

For the time being, please DO NOT update your WHMCS application to version 6.0 beta until we are able to support our products.

What happens when J!WHMCS Stops Wrapping

Some of our clients are running mod_security on their boxes (which isn't a bad idea) and recently some of these clients have begun having issues with the visual integration working for J!WHMCS Integrator.  There is a simple fix that is already in the software to resolve this issue that I wanted to pass along to help others that may be encountering this issue.

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WHMCS 5.3 Support

Just wanted to let everyone know that J!WHMCS Integrator version 2.5.10 does work with WHMCS version 5.3.3.  The process for doing so is fairly straight forward if you are already running J!WHMCS 2.5:

  1. Upgrade your J!WHMCS installation to the most current release (as of today that is version 2.5.10)
  2. Upgrade your WHMCS installation to the most current release (as of today that is version 5.3.3)
  3. Log into your WHMCS admin area and visit Addons > JWHMCS Integrator > System Check
  4. Once there, click on any of the red 'Fix' buttons that appear.
  5. If you have a custom.css file located in:
    copy that file over to the folder:

Steps 3 and 4 are necessary as the template files get overwritten by WHMCS when you do the upgrade and J!WHMCS makes some specific template changes that must be redone.

If you are running J!WHMCS 2.4.19 or below

J!WHMCS Integrator 2.5 DOES NOT support Joomla! 1.5.  If you upgrade the WHMCS portion of the install you will be unable to upgrade the Joomla portion and you will need to reiinstall J!WHMCS version 2.4.19 (or migrate Joomla to 2.5 or above,but that is a major process).

You can use J!WHMCS 2.4.19 with WHMCS 5.3 by doing the following:

  1. Locate the folder [whmcs]/modules/addons/jwhmcs/templates/5.2
  2. Rename the folder to [whmcs]/modules/addons/jwhmcs/templates/5.3

It should be noted this is not going to be supported, so if WHMCS makes changes or does something that would necessitate modifications to those files, those changes would only be forthcoming for J!WHMCS 2.5.

JWHMCS Submit Button Fixes

I thought I'd take a moment and pass along a helpful script that may be of use to some of our customers.  If you are integrating your site with J!WHMCS and are using the WHMCS 'Default' template, you may have found your submit input buttons are not working properly, for example, when you click on the button, nothing happens.

This seems to be happening because of a javascript conflict or issue with the jQuery 1.11 library coming out of Joomla.  Not 100% sure why, but it has been encountered on a number of installs, and I've implemented this little patch to get around the issue.

To resolve, follow these simple steps:

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