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Chapter 4. Change Log


3.0.3 (rc)

# `messages_lang` being autoloaded in config no longer exists

# Errors on installer do not render properly

# Template library contains calls to items not found during installation

# Text field not correctly picking up ID declaration in form

3.0.2 (rc)

# Not finding a username to use to log in with when logging in with email address

! Major update to interface - bootstrap inclusion

! Major addressing of many bugs

3.0.1 (beta)

+ API user_authenticate: authenticates a remote user against known connections

+ Joomla Cnxn: Authentication Plugin

+ Joomla Cnxn API: Routine for calling I3 authentication check

+ Fusion Cnxn API: GetInfo added to retrieve version info for updating

+ Joomla Cnxn API: get_info() added to retrieve version info for updating

+ WHMCS Cnxn API: get_version() added to retrieve version info for updating

+ WP Cnxn API: getinfo XMLRPC method added to retrieve version info for updating

+ I3 App: Update library to check for updates from Go Higher and compare to existing sites

+ I3 App: Help / Systemstatus checks cnxn statuses and returns via ajax

+ I3 App: Ajax controller to handle ajax calls from admin backend

+ Support for Fusion 4.40.1106 with file change modifications noted

+ WHMCS v5.1 beta template support

+ Recursive iconv functionality for arrays

+ Int3 App: RESOLVED - bug 52: Populate User List for Searches That Contain Partial Strings

+ API calls in other connections added (Joomla and WP) for user_search

+ I3 APP: Template override capability for client facing pages

# RESOLVED - bug 66: I3 Pushes To A Login Page on Clicking Checkout

# RESOLVED - bug 72: False Version shows

# RESOLVED - bug 73: Button on Google Chrome not visible

# RESOLVED - bug 74: incorrect file permission checking

# Wordpress not redirecting to proper URL at login / logout (missing index.php)

# Fusion API cnxn not gathering user / pass properly to pass along for authentication check

# Infinite redirects occur when not using htaccess and trying to install / upgrade

# I3 App: wipe store not called properly

# RESOLVED - bug 80: System Status Site say old modules installed

# I3 App: 404 error page shows error loading assets helper

# RESOLVED - bug 78: WHMCS Addon reports "Please check your settings and try again"

# WHMCS v5.1 correction to find SSL status properly

# RESOLVED - bug 77: WHMCS user is not created on joomla

# RESOLVED - bug 82: Login From clientarea.php issue

# RESOLVED - bug 83: WHMCS client logs in, created on Joomla but not logged into Joomla

# Updates aren't completing

# System won't log in

# Fusion Cnxn: Template group not always assigned properly on client area.

# RESOLVED - bug 85: Button on Google Chrome not visible in the installation Routine

~ Next minor release added to SQL installation

~ Fusion API library wasnt checking for credentials passed via api cnxn

~ variable debug left in api

~ htaccess.txt file included in I3 app

~ I3 App: Registration field sort order interface cleaned up

~ WHMCS template directories renamed

~ LESS library included

~ Logo change in Joomla!

~ WHMCS_VERSION constant modified to include minor revision (ie 5 to 5.1)

~ Minor language updates

~ Added SQL update file to installer

3.0.0 (alpha)

! Initial Release

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