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J!WHMCS Integrator User Guide

Go Higher Information Services, LLC


November 2012

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. What Is J!WHMCS Integrator?
2. Server Requirements
3. Product Support And Upgrades
4. Product Licensing
Owned License
Leased License (discontinued)
Legacy License (discontinued)
5. Product Addons
Installation Add-On
Branding Removal
6. Additional Extensions
J!WHMCS Login Module
Pricing Plugin
7. Change Log
II. Installation, Updates and Upgrades
8. Before Proceeding
Download and Extract
Extracted Contents
Consider Your Server Permissions
Determine Your Configuration Type
Firewall, IP Blacklisting and SEO Extensions
9. Preparing WHMCS for Installation
API User Configuration
API IP Address Security
Other Considerations
10. Installation
Installing Into Joomla!
Automatic Installation
Manual Installation
Joomla Plugin Installation
Authentication Plugin Order
User Plugin Order
WHMCS Root File Installation
Setting Up Your `jconfig.php` File
Split Server Installations
Final Check
Next Steps
11. Updating
12. Upgrading
III. Usage Guide
13. User Manager
Accessing the User Manager
Task Bar
Match Types
14. Sync Manager
Accessing the Sync Manager
Task Bar
Main Screen
15. Check Installation
Accessing the Check Installation screen
Check Tabs
16. Settings
Accessing the J!WHMCS Integrator Settings
Global Configuration
User Integration
Visual Integration
Language Settings
Menu Highlight
17. Update Manager
18. API Connection Manager
Accessing the API Connection Manager
Task Bar
API Response Messages
19. License Check
Accessing the License Check
Task Bar
IV. Troubleshooting
20. Installation Errors
Help! I'm seeing: "There is a problem in your jconfig.php file"
21. User Integration Errors
Before Troubleshooting (Enable Debugging)
None of my users can login!
I'm receiving an error code when logging in!
22. Visual Integration Issues
Modules and menu items are not appearing on my WHMCS pages
I want to assign a module or menu to a specific page in WHMCS. Can this be done?
V. Advanced Topics
23. Removing J!WHMCS Integrator
24. Split Server Installation
Replicate Your Joomla! Template Structure
Joomla! Configuration and Class Files
Customizing the `jconfig.php` File
25. Setting Up A Client Menu
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