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Chapter 6. Additional Extensions

In addition to the packaged extensions that come with J!WHMCS Integrator, the following extensions are also available for download and installation

J!WHMCS Login Module

The login module for J!WHMCS Integrator allows you to login to your Joomla, WHMCS or Kayako sites by using a single login interface. The interface can be customized and designed to integrate with your Joomla site template and then included throughout your site. When logged into the site, the user's information from WHMCS is displayed to the user in a uniform manner. The login module is free of charge but does require an active J!WHMCS Integrator license. Installation


To install this plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the J!WHMCS Integrator from our web site and extract it to your local machine. You will see a folder called "modules" located in the extracted JWHMCS folder. This modules folder will have a file called mod_jwhmcslogin_{version}.zip.

  2. Log into your Joomla backend and visit the Joomla installation manager.

  3. Click on Browse and select the file called mod_jwhmcslogin_v220.zip and click Upload File & Install.

  1. Once installed, go to the Module Manager located under Extensions > Module Manager.

  2. On the right hand side, change the Select Type drop down box to mod_jwhmcslogin

  3. You will now see any of the J!WHMCS Login Modules that are on your site as shown below. Click on the name to edit the settings.

  4. On the left side are the details for the module


    You can rename the module to anything you like here.

    Show Title

    You can specify if the title you are using above should be used on the module on the site.


    Be sure to enable the module or it won't show up!


    Assign it to the position you want on your site.

  5. On the right side are the parameters for the module


    This should always be set to Never

    Module Class Suffix

    If you have class suffixes for your template, you can customize the look by assigning one here.


    Enter any verbiage you want to appear before the login form.


    Enter any verbiage you want to appear after the login form.


    If your user logs in and doesn't have a matching account in WHMCS, then the login module will display just like a standard mod_login form from Joomla!. This setting allows you to specify which greeting you want to render to users in this situation.

    Name / Username

    If your user logs in and doesn't have a matching account in WHMCS, then the login module will display just like a standard mod_login form from Joomla!. This setting allows you to specify whether to display the user's name or their username in this situation.

    Redirect URL

    You can specify where to send users when they login. This will override the component settings. You can leave this blank if you desire.

    Redirect URL is

    If you specify a url above, you should indicate if the destination URL is part of the Joomla site or the WHMCS site. The reason for this is that if an error occurs, the J!WHMCS Integrator component must send the user to this location but include an error message. This allows the appropriate error message to be rendered to the user.

    Display Credit

    If you want the user's credit to be rendered to them when they are logged in, you can set that here.

    Credit Symbol

    This is the symbol that is prepended to the credit field.

    Enable Gravatar

    Enable this to retrieve a Gravatar image of a logged in user and display with their information

    Use DIV Style

    For the badge that displays the gravatar image and information, should the module use the DIV style as opposed to hard coded TABLEs?

    Gravatar Size

    How large do you want the gravatar image to be

    Gravatar Default

    Which blank gravatar style do you want to use for guests?

  6. Click Save & Close and you are all set

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