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TOPIC: Leased License Changes

Leased License Changes 7 years 9 months ago #2376

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Hello everyone! Hope your new year is going well. We're making changes to the leased license that will not affect current license holders but will effect new leased licenses.

Mandatory Installation Fee on Leased Licenses
From this point going forward and until we have better documentation the leased license will have a mandatory installation fee attached. Basically how we've set it up is on a leased license at $7.00 a month with a $35.00 charge the first month and then $7.00 a month thereafter. This means the install is a cost of $28.00.

Why the Fee?
First, due to the various server configurations, file permissions, versions of php and mysql, we're finding that the latest version of our software is a challenge for some of you to install and that's completely understood. While some you will submit a ticket, there are others that just cancel and walk away without any communication. The ones that do submit tickets tend to submit many tickets and many redundant tickets. We have some leased licensees that have submitted over 30 tickets in their first month.

As most of us have to deal with a ticketing system, this can be overwhelming and not only that, take the time away from begin able to create documentation and work on the product. So, for leased licenses, we are going to do all the installs until we roll-out the new site. This will create a win win for all involved.

Our Product Works!
We get quite a few folks wanting to test this out in testing environments and that creates yet an additional support ticket load. Please understand that this component doesn't alter any of your database tables. You DO NOT need to shut down your site or your environment to install. The integration is seamless and your customers won't even know it's being installed... if we're doing the install. :)

We currently have 200+ web hosting companies using this product and some of which are very busy. Our product works to integrate the aesthetics of the site and the users in both Joomla and WHMCS.

System Requirements:
J!WHMCS 2.0.3
Joomla 1.5.15
WHMCS 4.2.1

Description of What the Integrator Does
J!WHMCS Integrator is designed to be an integrator as well as a user bridge for Joomla to WHMCS. Presently, the only solutions to including WHMCS site content in your Joomla site is to use either an iFrame (yuckYell) or to pull your header and footer code and stick it into your template and match it up manually. The iFrame is just not an attractive solution as it does not provide any flexibility for the look and feel of your site, and manually coding the header and footer means you lose the ability to dynamically control the content of your pages in WHMCS from within Joomla.

With J!WHMCS Integrator, your WHMCS site content can be dynamically integrated into your Joomla site content, so when you add a new menu item or a new module in Joomla, it will appear on your WHMCS site pages as well!

J!WHMCS is the only user bridge on the market right now designed specifically for bridging Joomla users to WHMCS. Having multiple logins on the same site can be cumbersome and passwords can be difficult to remember, but with J!WHMCS, the login credentials from Joomla or from WHMCS are all your customer needs to login to their WHMCS account, eliminating the confusion of having a username in Joomla and an email address as a username for WHMCS.

When your customer changes their password in one, it is changed in both. When they change their name in one, it is changed in both. SSL is supported (indeed recommended)

So, here are a few links that will be helpful:

API Username and Password? .... Where is that?
How does it integrate into my template?

Preferred Hosting Provider for New Hosting Companies or Joomla Developers! - This includes WHMCS FREE License and 'The Web Hosting Handbook' to get you started.
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