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TOPIC: Not Wrapping For Logged In Users

Not Wrapping For Logged In Users 3 years 6 months ago #6955

I have the latest version of J!WHMCS and Joomla! 3.1.5

I have all green lights in both WHMCS and JOOMLA... I even ran the debug procedure outlined on in the documentation..
I also tried removing any SEO options... I also ensured the same language settings matched in both programs...

What i am seeing:
Clients not logged in are able to see the site properly wrapped. (meaning they can see the registration page correctly and the login page correctly)

But once logged in..

No wrapping occurs and only content from WHMCS is able to be seen... No Joomla content... (when in the WHMCS client areas).... if i redirect back to a joomla specific page i see that joomla is still sensing the login... I can navigate through out the joomla site... But if i click on anything pertaining to WHMCS (like my invoices or my tickets) the wrapping goes away and i get stuck with only able to view the WHMCS content.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas


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Not Wrapping For Logged In Users 3 years 6 months ago #6956

Also forgot to mention... I do have SSL enabled

However, both joomal and WHMCS are installed on same domain

Joomla =

Just FYI


PS. I also have a wildcard SSL cert installed that will work on my domain and any sub-domain
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Not Wrapping For Logged In Users 3 years 6 months ago #6959

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I did want to update this post as it may be useful for others who encounter this issue.

This particular setup was unique. Both Joomla and WHMCS were on the same server, however Joomla had it's own php.ini file that it was using to set some values in PHP.

The main PHP configuration had 'open_basedir' enabled. The Joomla php.ini file did not have open_basedir enabled.

So on the WHMCS side of things, the J!WHMCS Integrator was attempting to call up Joomla. Because open_basedir was enabled on WHMCS, the product knew that it could not rely on the curl handler to automatically redirect if it encountered and 301, 302 or 303 redirect headers, so it requested the headers to be sent in case a redirect was made.

When the call is made to Joomla, the user is logged in for that brief session to retrieve the Joomla site (this is how the login form and registered content is rendered properly). When the user is logged in, a cookie is issued and under normal circumstances a 303 forces the curl handler to redirect to the same page but with the session cookie indicating the user is logged in.

If open_basedir is enabled on the Joomla side, the product figures that the curl handler can't handle the redirects and bypasses setting the cookie entirely.

The Joomla side didn't have open_basedir enabled, so it thought it could simply issue the redirect and everything would be fine.

Since WHMCS couldn't handle the redirect, it kept trying the same URL 5x times without successfully logging the user in (since the cookie wasn't being passed along) and after 5x tries it gave up and was unable to render anything back.

The solution was to enable open_basedir on the Joomla side in the php.ini file. This way both sides have the same understanding as to what can be handled.
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