Setting Up WHMCS

Before installing J!WHMCS Integrator, it is important that you setup an API user in WHMCS.  The J!WHMCS Integrator relies upon a connection to your WHMCS through the API interface that WHMCS provides.

When you have completed this step, you should have written down or saved the following information for later use during installation:

  • API Username - You can set this to anything.  For the purposes of this installation guide, we will use 'apiadmin'
  • API Password - Again, you can set this to anything.

Before proceeding, you will need to have the IP Address that YOUR JOOMLA installation is on.  For most, this should be the same as your WHMCS installation (ie on the same physical server sharing the same IP address).  If you don't know the IP address of your server, you will need to contact your server administrator.  You may also Google for a hostname to IP address lookup tool (your hostname is where your Joomla is located - for most again will suffice, but if you are using a subdomain such as www, account, site or some other subdomain like, you will need to look that address up).

API User Setup

  1. Log into the backend of your WHMCS site.
    whmcs login

  2. Click on Setup > Administrator Roles
    whmcs adminroles

  3. Add a new Administrator Role by clicking on Add New Role Group and enter a useful name for the new API group in the box provided.  For example, API Administrators.  Then hit Continue.
    whmcs api addrole

  4. Now select ONLY the API Access check box.  This gives any users that are assigned to this group access only to the API interface.  Then click Save Changes.
    whmcs api roles

  5. Now go back to the main menu and select Setup > Administrators.
    whmcs admin menu

  6. Now add a new administrator by clicking on Add New Administrator.  On the screen that follows, enter information such as a friendly first and last name (required but not used), an email address (again required but not used).  Be sure to select the new API Administrators group you just created for the role.  Then enter a username and password.  We also find it helpful for the API account to insert in the notes field what the password is, but depending on your level of security needs, not necessary.  When complete his Save Changes.
    whmcs admin adduser

API IP Address Security

The only other step necessary to complete the setup on the WHMCS side of things before installation is to enter the IP address into the API IP Address Security Field.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the backend of your WHMCS site.
    whmcs login

  2. Click on Setup > General Settings.
    whmcs ip menu

  3. On the next screen, select the Security Tab and you will see the API IP Access Restriction field at the bottom.  Enter the IP Address to your Joomla! server in here.
    whmcs ip enter data

Other Considerations

If you are installing J!WHMCS Integrator on a local installation or a demo installation of WHMCS, you MUST be sure that you have a valid URL in your System URL setting found under Setup > General Settings > General Tab.  Failure to have a valid URL here will result not only in your WHMCS seeming to disappear after this step, but cause the J!WHMCS Integrator automatic installation to fail badly.
whmcs system url

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