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WHMCS Themer Released

Go Higher Information Services, LLC, a provider of web application integration products and services, announced the release of WHMCS Themer, a software application to style and theme WHMCS applications. WHMCS Themer provides the ability to quickly and easily change the colors, fonts and text sizes of major elements of WHMCS site without the need for HTML or CSS knowledge.

WHMCS Themer features an easy to use interface based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework that is incorporated into the backend and front ends of WHMCS.  Colors can be selected using a color selection field that pops up permitting the user to select from a rainbow of colors.  Font selections can be made using the Google WebFont interface, providing access to hundreds of fonts to uniquely style any WHMCS application.

WHMCS Themer is only $10 and includes the first year of support and upgrades.  After the first year, the annual Support and Upgrade pack can be renewed at a cost of only $10 per year.  Branding removal is also available for a one-time fee of $15.

To purchase WHMCS Themer visit:

For product information visit

For product support please visit:

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