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Forum Update

Support helpOne of the most challenging aspects of managing support is the many channels that must be monitored and maintained; tickets, forums, documentation - it can be hard to keep up.

This is why I'm excited to let everyone know that I have added a new feature to our forum that will revolutionize support services for Go Higher.  I've added an extension that will push Prowl messages to our support team so that the instant a forum post is made or replied to we are notified so we can respond as quickly as possible.


This provides two incredible benefits for our community:


  1. Forum posts will be handled in a timely manner
  2. Other users searching our site for answers will benefit from the answers provided through our forum

Support tickets are great but too often we are answering repetitive questions that should really be handled on our forum.  This is the first step towards making that more of a reality.

In the near future we will begin phasing out direct access to opening and reopening tickets for our software products through our support area and will instead be pushing people through our forum first.  If an issue cannot be handled directly in the forum without direct access to your system, we will open the ticket for you and request information.

To access our support forum, simply click on the Support link at the top.  You will be presented with a search bar along with links to our support areas.  Searching is done across our forum, our site and our documentation (including our new Confluense install) so if we have the answer already available, it will come up.

We know you rely on our support services to be prompt and timely, and the best way to ensure this continues is to search first and ask for assistance through our forum.

Thank you for your understanding,

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