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Our integration products are designed to make bridging user actions and visual design as easy as possible.  Sometimes the integration between Joomla and WHMCS works so smoothly that nothing more needs to be done.  Unfortunately there are times when template styles from Joomla conflict with template styles in WHMCS.  This walk through is designed for customers integrating Joomla with WHMCS using either J!WHMCS Integrator or Integrator 3.

One of the biggest questions we get from our customers is how to setup the automatic updating feature in the backend of our products, so I thought I'd take a moment and explain what is required for the updates to work and how to set it up to work for your application.

I thought I'd take a moment and pass along a helpful script that may be of use to some of our customers.  If you are integrating your site with J!WHMCS and are using the WHMCS 'Default' template, you may have found your submit input buttons are not working properly, for example, when you click on the button, nothing happens.

This seems to be happening because of a javascript conflict or issue with the jQuery 1.11 library coming out of Joomla.  Not 100% sure why, but it has been encountered on a number of installs, and I've implemented this little patch to get around the issue.

To resolve, follow these simple steps:

Some of our clients are running mod_security on their boxes (which isn't a bad idea) and recently some of these clients have begun having issues with the visual integration working for J!WHMCS Integrator.  There is a simple fix that is already in the software to resolve this issue that I wanted to pass along to help others that may be encountering this issue.


A common issue encountered by many customers not just of J!WHMCS Integrator or Integrator 3 but also those customers that use a CDN to serve up their images and static assets is that of cross domain fonts not being rendered properly.  This is directed at our customers using J!WHMCS or Integrator 3, but it may be useful to others as well.

How do you know if you are experiencing this issue?

For most, it's fiarly straight forward.  If you view your Joomla or Wordpress site and you have a great looking font, or maybe some icons provided through the Font Awesome font library, but then you go to your WHMCS site and it looks like the fonts are standard Arial or Tahoma or the FontAwesome icons look like little boxes instead of their nice little icons, then you may have this issue.  Using WHMCS with SSL but retrieving content that isn't using an SSL connection can also cause this issue, so you should check your URL to see if you are using SSL that you have the green box or lock in the browser bar.

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