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The WHMCS AutoAuth for Joomla! plugin allows you to log your users in automatically to WHMCS once they have authenticated in Joomla. The plugin is lightweight, requiring only a few parameters to set and is easy to install and uninstall.

The Simple Lightbox is exactly that - a simple lightbox solution for Joomla.  The Simple Lightbox plugin scours your articles, modules and any other that is run through the content preparation plugin set for images that are scaled down manually by the html editor.  It creates a thumbnail at the requested dimensions, linking the thumbnail to a lightbox popup of the original.

TPL Override is a simple PHP application designed for site owners and coders that utlize the WHMCS Billing Software system. TPL Override permits users to create custom template files and store them in a separate folder from the rest of the template files used by WHMCS. At execution, if a template file is found in the custom template folder, it's code is used in place of the code from the WHMCS template file.

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