Where do your customers Belong?

Joomla 2.5 offers a great deal of control over user access to specialized content: limitless user groups, limitless permissions groups - a huge step forward for Joomla.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically set a user into a specific user group based upon their product purchases in WHMCS?


  • Permission Groups

  • Simple UI

  • EZ Help

  • API Manager

  • Other Features

  • Example Application

  • Pricing

Tie Purchases to Permissions

Joomla! offers a wide variety of extensions that utilize the user group permissions (ACL) built into Joomla! 2.5.  Now you can automatically control a Joomla! user's access based upon their product purchases in WHMCS!

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Leverage Joomla!

You are already familiar with the backend of Joomla! for managing your web site operations, forums, and content.  Belong utilizes the simplicity of Joomla! to provide an easy interface for managing your user group rules and product selections.


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Know What's Going On

Aren't KryPt1c messages frustrating, especially when you just want it to work?  Belong provides accurate and easy to understand messages to ensure your application is communicating through the API properly.


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Straight Forward Configuration

Enter your settings into the API Connection Manager and see the results instantly.  Incorrect password?  Wrong URL?  No problem, the API Connection Manager lets you know.

Creating product rules and rulesets is equally straightforward... point and click!


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And Still More!

  • No need to share databases or servers - utilizing API interfaces bridges the application gaps!
  • Adding a cron job to keep your groups syncronized is simple and can even be run manually in WHMCS!
  • Checking an email address in Joomla is simple - enter the email address, and Belong tells you if the email address exists on both sides, what groups they should belong to and takes care of it for you!
  • Enabling and disabling of individual rulesets to permit time for configuration and checking
  • Product is entirely GPLv2 compatible with source code open and changeable.

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Real World Examples

  1. You offer hosting to your clients through WHMCS, and a forum on your Joomla! site.  Until now, you have no control over what forum categories a registered user has access to as opposed to a user that has purchased hosting through your company.  Now you can set your permissions groups up in Joomla, establish a set of rules to apply in Belong, and voila, your customers have special access!
  2. You sell software through WHMCS, but provide documentation, forum support and downloads only to your customers who have a support agreement with you.  With Belong, you can now change their permission levels based upon their product purchase, and continue to offer new services and features to your clients through your Joomla! site.

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Purchase Price


Purchase price includes support and upgrades for one domain for your first year.

Support and Upgrade Pack


Support and Upgrade Pack includes updates and support for one year, access to our support forums, knowledgebase, documentation and support ticket system. (optional)

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