In Touch

In Touch provides the ability to style your invoices, quotes and most importantly outbound emails for your customers based upon their WHMCS client group.  This means support tickets, invoices, quotes, client notifications, product emails and system messages can all be customized in an all new way!

The perfect compliment to J!WHMCS or Integrator 3!

With In Touch you can:

  • Customize your outgoing emails based on client groups
  • Include verbiage for a legal footer to appear on all outbound email communications
  • Customize your invoices based on client groups including different logos and addresses
  • Customize your quotes base on client groups including different logos and addresses

In Touch is ideal for companies that wish to run subsidiary organizations through the same WHMCS system while avoiding the confusion created when clients receive emails or invoices from a company they may not recognize.

Keep In Touch with your customers in a whole new way!



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