Simple Lightbox

The Simple Lightbox is exactly that - a simple lightbox solution for Joomla.  The Simple Lightbox plugin scours your articles, modules and any other that is run through the content preparation plugin set for images that are scaled down manually by the html editor.  It creates a thumbnail at the requested dimensions, linking the thumbnail to a lightbox popup of the original.


Simple Lightbox requires Joomla 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5

Licensing and Support

Simple Lightbox is provided under the terms of the GPL-v2 license.

As there is no charge for Simple Lightbox, there is no support offered for this extension directly. We always advise you to perform regular maintenance on your site including backups and upgrades, and to proceed with care whenever using any 3rd party extension.


Simple Lightbox is offered at no charge and is freely available for download.

Download Here

Source Code

Fellow developers: we invite you to fork this project at github and contribute your ideas directly into the source code!

Access Github

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