TPL Override

TPL Override is a simple PHP application designed for site owners and coders that utlize the WHMCS Billing Software system. TPL Override permits users to create custom template files and store them in a separate folder from the rest of the template files used by WHMCS. At execution, if a template file is found in the custom template folder, it's code is used in place of the code from the WHMCS template file.


TPL Override was programmed for WHMCS v5, although it may be backwards compatible to previous versions; this has not been tested or confirmed:

  • WHMCS version 5 or higher recommended
  • PHP 5

Licensing and Support

TPL Override is provided under the terms of the GPL-v2 license.

As there is no charge for TPL Override, there is no support offered for this extension directly. We always advise you to perform regular maintenance on your site including backups and upgrades, and to proceed with care whenever using any 3rd party extension.


Installing TPL Override is fairly straight forward and easy to do, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open your favorite FTP program and upload the 'modules' folder to your WHMCS root directory.
  2. Log into your WHMCS Admin Control Panel and go to Setup > Addon Modules.
  3. Find the row that corresponds to TPL Override and click Activate.
  4. Download any *.tpl files from your selected WHMCS template folder that you wish to customize.
  5. Edit locally the files to your satisfaction.
  6. Upload the modified *.tpl files to this folder off of your WHMCS root: /modules/addons/tpl_override/tpl.  Be sure not to rename the file.

That's it - your customized *.tpl files should now be overwriting the regular template files on the fly!


TPL Override is available at no charge and is freely offered for download.

Download Here

Source Code

Fellow developers: we invite you to fork this project at github and contribute your ideas directly into the source code!

Access Github

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