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WHMCS v6 Support

WHMCS v6 Support

As most of you know WHMCS recently released version 6.0 of their software application.  In an effort to support that change, we have been busy bringing our products up to date and in line with those changes.

Software Packages Supporting v6

The following software versions support version 6 of WHMCS:

  • J!WHMCS Integrator version 2.6.02
  • Integrator 3 version 3.1.05
  • Belong version 2.1.0 (no changes)
  • Dunamis version 1.4.2

Responsive Design

One of the biggest changes to WHMCS version 6 is the new responsive template `six` they provide.  This is a much needed upgrade to their template designs.  This change however poses unique challenges for both J!WHMCS Integrator and Integrator 3.

Both J!WHMCS Integrator and Integrator 3 rely on wrapping a site around your WHMCS application.  This usually works fine, but with responsive design, the WHMCS content can be condensed within a smaller area than it expects, resulting in unwanted layout issues.

The solution has been to include a simple javascript that makes the WHMCS area responsive to the area provided by the site template.  For example, if the template only provides 1024 pixels of space on a screen that is 1280 pixels wide, WHMCS should not be responsive to the 1280, but instead to the 1024 width.  This results in elements laying out properly and features working as one would expect.

Fall Back

In the event the responsive javascript just doesn't look as good as it could, you can disable this feature in the settings of J!WHMCS Integrator or Integrator 3.  This allows the css to fall back to the original screen responsiveness rather than using the javascript method.

In The Works

Currently we are working to bring In Touch and WHMCS Themer inline with WHMCS v6.  When those are updated we will release them and let everyone know of the update as well.

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