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How to setup automatic updates

One of the biggest questions we get from our customers is how to setup the automatic updating feature in the backend of our products, so I thought I'd take a moment and explain what is required for the updates to work and how to set it up to work for your application.

What is required?

In order for the automatic updates to work in the backend of your products, two things are required:

  1. An active Support and Update pack on your license
  2. Your Download ID from our site

An active support and upgrade pack ensures not only that you receive timely support from us, but also provides access to our latest releases so when new versions of Joomla! or WHMCS, Wordpress or Kayako are released, you can be sure that you will be able to upgrade to those versions shortly after.  The support and upgrade pack must be attached to the license you are upgrading, or else the product may not function after upgrade.  Suppose you have two licenses, and one of the support and upgrade packs is current, while the other is not.  The one that is not cannot use a version of the software that was released after the expiration of the support and upgrade pack, so you should not automatically update that installation without first renewing your support and upgrade pack.

To add a new Support and Upgrade Pack or to renew your Support and Upgrade Pack, log into our site then click on Client Area at the top.  You will see a link for Available Addons, click that link and select the pack for your license.

Your Download ID can be acquired by scrolling down on the right side of our site after logging in.  You will see an orange button that reads 'Download ID'.  Click that and copy the code found in the popup.  Should you ever change your password, you will also need to update your Download ID, as the Download ID is tied directly to your password hash in our system, and resetting your password, even to the same password as before will result in a new password hash and thus you will need to recopy your Download ID.

How to Implement Automatic Updates

With an active Support and Upgrade Pack and your Download ID in hand, the next step is fairly easy:

Joomla Components

For Joomla Components, log into the backend of your Joomla application, then visit the component you want to add the Download ID to.  Once there, you will see an Options button on the top navigation bar.  Click on that - inside the options you will see an option for Download ID.  Paste your Download ID into that field and press Save & Close.

WHMCS Addon Modules

For WHMCS Addon Modules, log into the backend of your WHMCS system, then visit the addon module you want to add the Download ID to.  Once there, click on Settings and you will see in the settings area a Download ID field.  Paste the Download ID in there and press Save.

Using the Automatic Updates

With the Download ID in place, you can go to the Updates section of the component or addon module in question and it will show you that there are updates available.  Press Update and the updates should download and install into place.

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